Seasonal Readiness

Save year-round with these tips Save year-round with these tips Stay comfy and save energy. When summer heat or winter cold reach their peak, your bill may reflect more energy usage due to the extreme temperatures outside. Making small changes to your energy use at these times of year can help you lower your energy […]

Energy Savings Days

Energy Savings Days Energy Savings Days BGE Energy Savings Days are scheduled when electricity demand is expected to be particularly high. This typically occurs on hot summer weekdays when customersare using higher amounts of electricity than normal. Reducing your energy use between 2 – 6 p.m. during an Energy Saving Day helps keep the overall […]

Rewarding News

It takes a community to make an impact. You have the power to brighten the future for all of central Maryland — and as little as one degree can make a difference. By participating in programs like PeakRewardsSM, Connected RewardsSM, and Energy Savings Days, you and other BGE customers who voluntarily reduce your energy use […]

Connected Rewards

Check Out Connected RewardsSM – BGE’s New Rewards Program Check Out Connected RewardsSM – BGE’s New Rewards Program As of April 1, 2020, the PeakRewards Air Conditioning (A/C) program no longer accepts new participants. But don’t worry! If you have been unenrolled in the PeakRewards program or are looking to enroll in an energy rewards […]

Connected Rewards

BGE’s Connected RewardsSM Program BGE’s Connected RewardsSM Program An easy way for BGE residential electric customers to help reduce energy use during days of the year when temperatures are extreme and get $50 off a new smart thermostat. What is Connected RewardsSM? When weather temperatures are extreme, the demand for electricity is especially high. This […]


Connecting your Wi-Fi Thermostat In order to participate in Connected Rewards, your thermostat must be registered and connected to your home’s secure Wi-Fi network. Please note that hot spots are not eligible. To learn more about the requirements of Connected Rewards, review the program terms and conditions. Find your thermostat below and follow the instructions […]


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Glossary Adjustment Event An adjustment event is when BGE makes brief, limited adjustments of up to 4 degrees on enrolled thermostats. Typically, adjustment events occur during weekday afternoons between May and October. To help keep you and your family comfortable, events usually won’t occur on weekends or holidays when people are likely to be home. […]


Frequently Asked Questions Overview Why did BGE create Connected RewardsSM? When temperatures are extreme, the demand for electricity rises. Peak demand usually occurs on very hot or cold weekdays when homes and businesses are using high amounts of electricity for heating and cooling. The Connected Rewards program helps reduce high electricity — or peak — […]