Adjustment Event

An adjustment event is when BGE makes brief, limited adjustments of up to 4 degrees on enrolled thermostats. Typically, adjustment events occur during weekday afternoons between May and October. To help keep you and your family comfortable, events usually won’t occur on weekends or holidays when people are likely to be home.

Demand Response

Demand response programs, like Connected Rewards, are designed to manage customer use of electricity in response to periods of very high electricity demand and/or pricing. Having customers reduce their energy use at critical times benefits you, the community and the environment. By effectively managing your electric demand, you are helping to avoid building new power plants to meet the growing demand and keeping the price of electricity lower than it otherwise would be.

Peak Electric Demand

Electricity usage fluctuates constantly due to weather conditions, commercial and industrial business hours and residential electricity usage. During the summer months, demand is usually greater as electricity is used to cool homes and businesses, especially during weekday afternoons. Peak electric demand refers to the point of highest electricity use over a certain period. Throughout the day, BGE continually monitors electricity demand to minimize cost and ensure reliable delivery of power. 


BGE may adjust your thermostat by as much as 3 degrees before an adjustment event begins. This pre-conditioning period helps maintain a comfortable temperature when the event starts and may reduce energy use during the event.

Opting Out

If an adjustment event occurs at an inconvenient time, Connected Rewards participants may opt out of that specific event by adjusting the temperature through a mobile app, web or thermostat. Opting out will not remove you from Connected Rewards and you’ll still receive your $50 prepaid card.