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For the Greater Good

Everyone wins when you participate in Connected RewardsSM!

For the Greater Good

Everyone wins when you participate in Connected RewardsSM!

Help prevent service interruptions.

Voluntarily reducing your energy use removes stress from the grid, which keeps the electric supply running smoothly.

Keep energy costs down.

When energy demand is high, additional power plants are used to provide more electricity. These power plants raise the cost of electricity for everyone. By reducing energy demand, Connected Rewards reduces the need for extra power plants.

Protect the environment.

The same costly power plants relied on for increased energy also release more pollution, including greenhouse gases, into the atmosphere. Keeping energy demand low helps reduce airborne pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Receive a $50 reward.

Each year you participate in Connected Rewards, you’ll receive a $50 prepaid card.

Comfort and Control

When you sign up for Connected Rewards, BGE will make small adjustments of up to 4 degrees to enrolled thermostats during periods of peak energy demand. However, you’re always in control of your thermostat and your comfort.

Ready to get connected?

BGE is awaiting a decision by the Maryland Public Service Commission about extending our demand response programs into 2024. Connected Rewards enrollments will be paused beginning December 13, 2023. To be notified via email when the program reopens for enrollment, please leave your name and email address in the form below.


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Ready to get connected?

Get an overview of the Connected RewardsSM program and how you can earn rewards, help the community and your environment.

It’s easy to become a Connected RewardsSM member. Check the guidelines and see if your smart thermostat is eligible. 

Learn what happens during an adjustment event and how BGE helps you stay comfortable.