Today, Wednesday, 9/6/2023, is a scheduled Energy Savings Day. 

All PeakRewards Air Conditioning program participants will be cycled up to 50% from 2 pm – 6 pm on Wednesday, September 6 with air conditioners returning to normal operation within 1 hour of the event. If you would like to override cycling during the Energy Savings Day, please call the customer hotline at 888.309.PEAK (7325).If you are enrolled in the Connected Rewards program, you will have your thermostat raised up to 4 degrees between the hours of 2 pm – 6 pm. While we recommend participating in the full event for maximum savings, you remain in control of your thermostat and can opt out by changing the temperature on your thermostat.  

Learn more about Energy Savings Days here.

Extra Cash in Your Pocket

BGE is happy to recognize customers helping keep energy costs down for everyone.
New participants can receive up to $100 the first year for enrolling a smart thermostat
in Connected RewardsSM!

How you’ll receive your eGift card

As a thank you for helping BGE reduce energy demand and keep costs down, you will receive a one-time $50 Visa eGift card for each thermostat a few weeks after you enroll and another $50 Visa eGift card per eligible thermostat at the end of the season. Check the email address registered with your thermostat manufacturer for an email containing the eGift card and follow the activation instructions.

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When to use your eGift card

Once the card arrives in your inbox, you’ll have four months to activate and redeem. After you activate the card, you will have seven months to use the balance.

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