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Save energy and money through the Connected RewardsSM program

Smart thermostats make it easier to manage your home’s heating and cooling usage while helping you save money year-round. BGE’s Connected Rewards program will provide you with benefits, including annual incentives, comfort and control.

How it Works

By participating in the program, small adjustments of up to four degrees will be made to your smart thermostat during periods of peak demand, usually during the summer months when demand for electricity is especially high. In exchange for your participation, you’ll receive a one-time $50 Visa eGift card for each smart thermostat you enroll into the program and a $50 annual eGift card (per thermostat) for each summer you participate in the program.


Confirm that you are eligible to enroll:

  • I am an active BGE residential electric customer.
  • I use my thermostat to control my central air conditioning.
  • I am not currently enrolled in another demand response program (including PeakRewards) operating on the same air conditioning system.
  • I will allow BGE to make small thermostat adjustments of two to four degrees on high energy usage days.


What's the difference between the Connected Rewards program and the PeakRewards program?

Customers enrolled in the PeakRewards program have previously allowed BGE to install a device (either a thermostat or switch on their outdoor air conditioning unit) that will cycle their air conditioning on and off during periods of peak electric demand during the summer months. In exchange for their participation, they receive bill credits from June through September.

BGE customers can enroll in the Connected Rewards program if they have a smart thermostat in their home (not installed by BGE) that controls their central air conditioning. During periods of peak electric demand, BGE will raise the temperature of their thermostat by 1-4 degrees. In exchange, these customers get a $50 annual eGift card and a one-time $50 sign-up bonus.

If a PeakRewards customer chooses to enroll in Connected Rewards they will no longer receive bill credits through the PeakRewards program as these are two separate programs.

Who should sign up for the Connected Reward program?

This program is a good choice for customers who can either safely tolerate greater temperature impacts or are not home on weekday afternoons when adjustment events typically occur. While participants can opt out of an adjustment event simply by changing the temperature on their thermostat, this program is not recommended for customers who have medical or health conditions, are elderly, or those who may have small children or pets at home.

Your participation makes a difference!

By participating in Connected Rewards, you are helping maintain reliable power throughout Central Maryland while keeping down the cost of electricity. Along with thousands of other BGE customers, you’re helping reduce peak energy usage and we appreciate your continued participation in the Connected Rewards program.

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