Seasonal Readiness

Save year-round with these tips Save year-round with these tips Stay comfy and save energy. When summer heat or winter cold reach their peak, your bill may reflect more energy usage due to the extreme temperatures outside. Making small changes to your energy use at these times of year can help you lower your energy […]

Rewarding News

It takes a community to make an impact. You have the power to brighten the future for all of central Maryland — and as little as one degree can make a difference. By participating in programs like PeakRewardsSM, Connected RewardsSM, and Energy Savings Days, you and other BGE customers who voluntarily reduce your energy use […]

Manage Your Account and Device Settings

Manage Your Account and Device Settings How do I sign up for PeakRewards Online Access? Don’t have a account? Click here to register now. You must have your BGE account number at the time of enrollment. It may take up to 48 hours for the PeakRewards link to be visible for newly registered users. How do […]

Trade Ally Program

Trade Ally Program I’m a Maryland-licensed HVAC contractor. How can I participate in the Trade Ally program? As of April 1, 2020, the PeakRewards Air Conditioning program will no longer accept new BGE customers into the program. However, we still actively seek new licensed contractors to help support the over 300,000 existing PeakRewards customers. Enroll today! […]

Multifamily Program

Multifamily Program I’m a renter. Am I able to sign up for PeakRewards if my community is not currently participating? As of April 1, 2020, the PeakRewards Air Conditioning program will no longer accept new participants into the program. I am a property owner with Automatic Name Change (ANC) accounts set up for my units. […]

Air Conditioning Program

Air Conditioning Program What is BGE’s PeakRewards Air Conditioning program? The PeakRewards Air Conditioning program is designed by BGE to help ease the “peak” demand for electricity in the Mid-Atlantic region. It is part of the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program®, which helps you conserve energy, save money and protect the environment. During periods of […]

Understanding Cycling Events

Understanding Cycling Events What is cycling? During periods of high electricity use in the Mid-Atlantic region, a radio signal may be sent to the programmable thermostat or outdoor air conditioning switch at your home to interrupt the flow of electricity to your air conditioning unit for a period of time each hour. This is called […]

General Program Questions

General Program Questions How do PeakRewardsSM & Energy Savings Days work together? If you are a PeakRewards Air Conditioning program participant, you are guaranteed to receive your monthly PeakRewards credit (June – September). If you choose to participate on an Energy SavingsDay and reduce your electricity usage, you can earn a bill credit of $1.25 […]

Find the resources you need.

Find the resources you need. To help you better understand PeakRewardsSM and ways you can save energy, we’ve gathered up a list of downloadable guides, tips, references and more. General Resources Glossary of Program Terms PeakRewards Claims Form Sign up for Cycling Event Alerts Connecting Your Thermostat to Wi-Fi Moving Quick Tips Air Conditioning Program Resources […]

Emergency Air Conditioning Cycling Events

Welcome to Event Central. Learn about Energy Savings Days and explore tips for ways to stay comfortable during Emergency Cycling Events. Be in-the-know Get notified immediately anytime an Energy Savings Day or Emergency Cycling Event is called by signing up for text* or email alerts online. Already signed up to receive alerts? Make sure your […]