Help customers stay connected.

Get paid for each device you fix.

Help customers stay connected.

Get paid for each device you fix.

The PeakRewards Trade Ally program seeks to partner with Maryland-licensed HVAC contractors who service BGE residential customers. The program offers eligible HVAC contractors’ incentives for PeakRewards device removals and reconnections. It also provides training and the opportunity to become a subcontractor for device installations.

Existing Contractors

How it Works

If you’re in the business of working with customers that own PeakRewards equipment, you could qualify for rewards.

Which BGE customers are

qualified leads

Download and review the full Trade Ally program policy.


Complete the Trade Ally referral application and obtain a BGE customer signature to claim your rewards. Once the referral is submitted, we’ll pay the incentive(s)* 30 days after a successful BGE inspection.

Per Device

For re-installing a PeakRewards switch on newly installed HVAC equipment

Per Device

For a PeakRewards device found removed or disconnected

* Bonuses are subject to program approval


Quick Home Energy Check-Up Contractors

Already part of the BGE network? Sign up to keep earning.

The PeakRewardsSM Trade Ally program is a great opportunity for QHEC contractors already in the BGE network to:

Boost earning potential


Improve marketability


Build your
partnership with BGE

The application process is simple and it only takes a few minutes to enroll. Join the program today and you could be earning rewards by next week!

If you have questions about the program prior to enrolling, please feel free to reach out:

Eric Ricucci
Senior Energy Efficiency Program Manager
1 667-313-2572