The PeakRewards Program Terms and Conditions have recently been updated and can be viewed here.

The PeakRewards Trade Ally program is an initiative which seeks to partner with Maryland-licensed HVAC contractors who service BGE customers. The program offers eligible HVAC contractors incentives for PeakRewards program leads, device removals and for reconnecting a switch. The program also provides training with an opportunity to become a subcontractor for switch installations.

How does it work?

Interested HVAC contractors are invited to attend periodic meetings, which will provide an overview of the PeakRewards program and Trade Ally opportunities. HVAC contractors will have an opportunity to become a part of the program upon completion of the Trade Ally Participation Agreement.

Once the agreement is completed, HVAC contractors will receive a vendor participation code and confirmation email. HVAC contractors are encouraged to call the PeakRewards Trade Ally hotline: 443.842.4725 or email: with any questions about the program. To learn more about the Trade Ally program policy, click here.

What are the benefits?

HVAC contractors who participate can get*:

  • $10 per notification for a PeakRewards device found removed or disconnected
  • $10 per notification of a PeakRewards 3H/2C thermostat that needs to be installed on new system
  • $10 per notification when permanently removing or disconnecting a PeakRewards device
  • $50 per device for re-installing a PeakRewards switch on newly installed HVAC equipment

*Bonuses are subject to program approval.
**Non-qualified leads include:

  • Legacy Rider 5 customers
  • Legacy Rider 6 customers
  • BGE customers who reside in a multifamily complex or owned by a commercial management company.

In order to qualify for the incentives, HVAC contractors must complete a Trade Ally Referral Application. All returned referral forms require BGE customer signature. Participating HVAC contractors will be paid the appropriate incentive(s) 30 days after a successful BGE inspection.

How does it help?

By participating in PeakRewards, you are taking a smart and easy step to:

  • Ease the burden on our existing electricity delivery system and reduce the need for additional power plants
  • Protect our environment by lowering power plant emissions to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Take advantage of energy-saving solutions brought to you by EmPOWER Maryland