The PeakRewards Program Terms and Conditions have recently been updated and can be viewed here.

"It was very easy to do - I signed up online and I got an appointment with them for a time it was convenient for me. Now I'm looking forward to saving some money - I'm going to get credits on my bill and I actually got a bonus for signing up." — Leigh, Pasadena
"Aside from saving money, I really enjoy being able to manage my thermostat online. I went on vacation and forgot to turn my A/C off before I left. I was able to go online and turn it off in five minutes from the beach, which was great." — Brian, Baltimore
"We signed up for BGE's PeakRewards program because our friends told us about it. The great thing about the program is we can save energy, and we can also save money." — Heather & Barry, Ellicott City
"We're definitely looking forward to the money savings - that was the reason we signed up, and also the fact that it obviously is better for the environment to save energy." — Colleen, Baltimore
"I think PeakRewards is a wonderful program, and I'm glad I signed up to participate." — John, Ellicott City
"One of the things I like about the thermostat is I can actually program it online while I'm out of town, so now I can program my favorite cable channels, and the temperature in my house — that's cool." — Paul, Woodlawn
"The technician explained all of the features of the thermostat. It is really easy to use and I've been enjoying programming different temperature settings for different days." — Claire, Ellicott City
"We like that PeakRewards saves us money, but we're happy it helps out the environment too." — Linda & Tom, Baltimore
"We decided to look into PeakRewards because it did two things - it would lower our bill and let us be green, and we're always wanting to be green. Our bills have already gone down - so we'll save money and we'll be helping our earth!" — Ruth, Baltimore
"I'm saving $200 on my BGE bill." — Will, Catonsville
"PeakRewards allows me to save money on my BGE bill without much effort. Plus I have been able to tell all of my friends about the benefits." — Shirl, Baltimore
"I conserve energy where and when I can as well as I do things to help the environment. PeakRewards is a great program that helps me, and I also save money in the process." — Tami, Annapolis
"I am really glad that I am participating in the BGE PeakRewards program. I personally think it's a great program that not only benefits the participants, but also our community as a whole." — Sang, Columbia