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Now is the time to receive $50 in BGE bill credits with the PeakRewards Electric Water Heater program!

As an Energy Saver Water Heater Switch customer, you are receiving $14 in bill credits every summer in exchange for helping to reduce energy demand in Maryland. Father & Son Doing MathBy simply upgrading your Energy Saver Water Heater Switch for a new PeakRewards Electric Water Heater switch, you will be rewarded with $25 in winter bill credits, PLUS $25 in matching bonus credits for a total of $50 during your first year in the program. That’s an increase of $36 in the first year!

Electric Water Heater Program Comparison Chart

How does it work?

View the Electric Water Heater program overview Peak Demand Sign Up Device Installation and Inspection Cycling How Can I Tell a Cycling Event is Taking Place? Overrides Event Ends - Recap

Couple with LaptopAs a participant of the PeakRewards Electric Water Heater program, you agree to have a switch installed that will enable BGE to turn off electricity to your water heater during periods of peak electric demand. This is called “cycling.” Cycling reduces the peak demand for electricity, helps to maintain reliable electric service and keeps down the cost of electricity.

Electric Water Heater Program Cycling Overview

The PeakRewards Electric Water Heater program is voluntary and is available to BGE residential electric customers, in eligible service areas, regardless of their choice of electricity supplier.

Terms and Conditions

Sign Up or call 1-888-309-PEAK (7325)

Program Benefits

Professional Installation – An electric water heater switch will be installed in your home at no additional cost to you.

$50 in Savings – $6.25 on your BGE electric bills from November through February, plus first-year matching bonus credits.*

Cycling Overrides – Override two non-emergency events from October through May and view your cycling history online. Learn more.

Event Notification – Sign up to receive email or text message notifications at the beginning and end of PeakRewards cycling events. Learn more.