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They say home is where the heart is, so why not show it some love? Enroll in the PeakRewardsSM Smart Thermostat program today and you’ll get an ecobee3 lite Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat installed at no additional cost to you (a $269 value!). Plus, you’ll receive up to $200 in bill credits June–September in your first year and up to $100 every year after that. You’ll also enjoy increased savings and the benefit of convenience and connectivity that a smart home can provide.

Sign up now – don’t delay! There are a limited number of thermostats available this year.


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What Your Smart Thermostat Can Do for You.

  • Connect to your smart home system such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo or Google Assistant.*
  • Control from anywhere with your Android or iOS device.
  • Set vacation mode to lower energy use while you’re away.
  • View the local weather forecast right on the thermostat.

*Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit are all registered trademarks of their respective companies.

How it Works.

When you enroll in the PeakRewards program, you agree to allow BGE to cycle your air conditioning on and off when electricity demand is high. You can sign up for the 50%, 75% or 100% cycling participation level. Your cycling level directly relates to the amount of bill credits you will receive each summer. Please review the cycling chart below for more information.

Cycling events typically occur during the summer months of June through September but can happen during other months throughout the year. If there is a significant increase in peak energy demand, your thermostat will receive a signal to cycle your air conditioning. Cycling helps maintain reliable service while keeping down the overall cost of electricity for everyone.

Not sure which cycling level is right for you? Take our brief survey to determine if the 50%, 75% or 100% cycling level best fits your lifestyle. To learn more about cycling events, visit PeakRewards Event Central.

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Current PeakRewards Program Participants.

Looking to upgrade to the Smart Thermostat program? When you upgrade, you’ll continue to receive summer bill credits from the PeakRewards program. Your new thermostat gives you the added benefits of increased energy savings, and the ability to control your home comfort settings whether you're at home or on the go.

To Qualify,
You Must:

  • Be a homeowner and primary resident
  • Have a secure Wi-Fi internet connection at your home (hotspots aren’t eligible)
Program Program
Summer Bill Credits
(June, July, Aug, Sep)
Total Annual
Bill Credits
First Year
Bonus Credits*
Air Conditioning
50% $12.50 $50 $50
75% $18.75 $75 $75
100% $25.00 $100 $100

As a PeakRewards Smart Thermostat program participant, you are guaranteed to receive your monthly PeakRewards credit (June–September).
*The first-year matching bonus credits are only intended for the initial customer enrollment and device installation.

Your smart home is waiting for you.
Welcome it.


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