Peak Rewards Mobile

Thermostat control
Anywhere, Anytime

BGE residential customers enrolled in the PeakRewards program may use Online Access to view and manage their switch and thermostat settings 24/7, from anywhere they have access to the Internet. Simple, user-friendly tools allow participants to:

  • Program or adjust thermostat settings while away from home.
  • Click here for thermostat scheduling tips.
  • View the cycling history for each device installed in your home.

In order to use PeakRewards Online Access, you must be a BGE residential customer and enrolled in PeakRewards.

Free to use

Free to Use

iPhone, Android, Blackberry -Compatible

Compatible with iPhone and Android devices

No download required

No download required


It’s easy! Visit BGE.COM/MyAccount and login. Select "PeakRewards" link under "My Programs", and you will be able to access the following features:

  • Track Cycling Event Status and History
  • Set and Save Thermostat Schedules
  • Temporarily Adjust Thermostat Settings
  • Change Device Label(s)
  • Check Enrollment Status

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