Electric Water Heater Program

By allowing BGE to cycle electric water heaters during peak demand periods, customers can help reduce the overall demand on BGE’s electric system. This can help delay the need to build new power plants and keep future electricity prices lower than they otherwise would be — benefiting all customers.

When you enroll in the BGE PeakRewards Electric Water Heater program, you agree to help ease high electricity demand by allowing BGE to cycle your electric water heater off and when peak demand for electricity is at its greatest.

The switch is designed to turn off electricity to your electric water heater during periods of peak electric demand. During these peak demand periods, the hot water that is stored in the tank at the start of the event should retain heat for a period of time and be available for your use. However, if the hot water in the tank is used up during the event, water generated will not be heated until the peak demand period is over. Once the event is over, the electric water heater will resume normal operation.

If a problem with your device arises, please reach out to your own technician for repairs. Prior to contacting a technician, you should determine if the water heater is off due to cycling by looking for the red light on the switch, by checking PeakRewards Online Access or by checking BGE’s Mobile App and viewing your cycling status.

To opt out of the program, simply call the PeakRewards customer hotline at 1.888.309.PEAK (7325) Monday – Friday, 8 am - 5 pm (EST). There are no charges or penalties for withdrawing from the program. However, once you asked to be removed from the program, the winter bill credits will no longer be applied, and you will not be able to re-enroll in the program again. Removal from the program is usually processed within 48 hours. The PeakRewards Water Heater program is no longer accepting new participants into the program as of April 1, 2020.