Emergency Water Heater Cycling Events

Electric Water Heater cycling events typically occur during the winter (November – February) and summer months (June – September) but can happen during other months throughout the year. BGE is unable to predict the number of times it will cycle each year, nor maximum duration of each cycling event.

When a cycling event happens, PeakRewards Electric Water Heater Program participants will receive a signal to cycle their electric water heater to help keep the cost of electricity down for everyone. During an emergency event, you cannot override your program participation. To learn more, check out our
frequently asked questions.

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How to know if an event is taking place.

Electric Water Heater Switch

Electric Water Heater Switch

The light on the front of the switch will glow red instead of green.

How to help out during an Electric Water Heater Cycling Event.

  1. Avoid laundry loads that require hot water.
  2. Skip long showers and baths that would require hot water.
  3. Avoid running the dishwasher.

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