Demand Response:

A rewarding way to save

Check out BGE’s Demand Response programs and help keep energy costs down for everyone.

Demand Response:

A rewarding way to save

Check out BGE’s Demand Response programs and help keep energy costs down for everyone.

What is Demand Response and why is it needed?

When faced with extremely hot or cold temperatures, demand on the electric grid increases. Demand Response programs incentivize customers to reduce their energy use when demand peaks, helping manage the rise in electricity usage by reducing the load on the grid. Customers can participate by making their own energy savings adjustments or by enrolling in one of BGE’s automated programs.

Why participate?

With BGE’s Demand Response programs, you can earn rewards for using less energy at times of peak demand. You also become part of a solution that makes an impact.

What's in it for you:

Get paid to use less energy.

Help keep energy costs down.

What's in it for your community:

Everyone can pay less if we balance energy demand with energy supply.

It’s better for the environment than operating additional power plants.

What's in it for BGE:

It helps us manage supply during periods of high energy demand.

It aligns with Maryland’s goal to achieve net-zero operational emissions by 2050 and lead Maryland to a clean and sustainable future.

Want to get involved?

Here are a few ways we can work together.

Participate in Energy Savings Days.

Simply use less energy than usual between 2 and 6 p.m. when an Energy Savings Day is called and receive bill credits based on how much energy you saved — no enrollment required! Make sure you opt in for alerts so you can be notified when an event is scheduled.

To opt in for alerts: Log in to My Account, go to My Notification Preferences, click Get Usage Notifications, and turn on Smart Energy Rewards: Energy Savings Day Alert.

Enroll in a Demand Response program.

In addition to participating in Energy Savings Days, you can enroll in a Demand Response program. Do you have a smart thermostat? See if it’s eligible for Connected RewardsSM. Sign up and receive $100 in prepaid cards per device during your first year participating in the program. Your thermostat will be adjusted automatically during adjustment events. Check your eligibility. Don’t have a smart thermostat? Join the fun and start saving today by browsing the BGE Marketplace.

Already in a Demand Response program?

If you are already enrolled in a Demand Response program like PeakRewardsSM or Connected Rewards, thank you for your support! You will continue to receive incentives for allowing BGE to automatically adjust your thermostat or cycle your A/C during peak events. If you are looking for additional ways to participate, check out these savings tips!

BGE residential customers earned $10M in bill credits and gift cards through Demand Response programs in 2023.

Did you know?

One person’s impact is NOT too small to make a difference.

Your personal impact may not seem like a lot to you, but when many customers participate, it adds up to a significant reduction in demand (or “load”) on the grid.

Events are NOT long and disruptive.

Peak/adjustment events average 4 hours or less and occur during weekday hours. These events would ONLY be scheduled on weekends or holidays in emergency situations. If you need to, you can opt out of a PeakRewards or Connected Rewards adjustment event, but we encourage you to participate as much as you can to ensure you receive your incentives.

It’s NOT hard to participate.

Programs like PeakRewards and Connected Rewards automatically adjust your thermostat (or cycle your HVAC equipment) during peak/adjustment events for you. On Energy Savings Days, you get bill credits for using less energy than you normally would between 2 and 6 p.m., which could be as simple as shifting the time of day when you use your oven, dishwasher, or washer and dryer.

Ways to save

Here are a few examples of ways to save energy on Energy Savings Days and every day:

Shift the time of day you use energy-consuming appliances and devices to before or after the peak energy demand period.

Adjust your thermostat a few degrees to use less energy for cooling or heating your home during the peak/adjustment event.

Turn off electronic devices you’re not using.

If you can’t wash clothes before or after an event, wash them in cold or cool water.

Load the dishwasher and use the delay cycle (if you have one) to run the load overnight.

Use smart plugs and smart power strips with devices that continue to draw energy when not in use.

BGE’s My Account has tools to help you understand and be aware of your household energy usage to help inform how you can adjust your routine to reduce your usage during Demand Response events. If you don’t already have a free account, sign up now and check out the View My Usage feature.