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When you enroll in BGE’s Connected RewardsSM program, you’re doing your part to reduce the need for future power plants, keep down the overall cost of electricity and ease the burden on our electricity delivery system as Maryland’s population continues to grow. Through the program, you agree to let BGE make brief, limited adjustments to your thermostat when electricity usage is at its highest. In exchange, you’ll receive rewards in the form of Visa eGift cards. Connected Rewards is open to all residential electric customers with an eligible smart thermostat that is connected to their home Wi-Fi and operates their air conditioning.*

* This program is not open to current PeakRewards participants.

You’ll receive a one-time $50 Visa eGift card for each thermostat you enroll and an additional $50 Visa eGift card per thermostat at the end of each summer you participate. You should receive the end-of-season eGift card by late October each year to the email address you have registered with your thermostat manufacturer.

When temperatures rise, the demand for electricity does too — especially on very hot summer weekdays when homes and businesses are using more electricity than usual. By participating in Connected Rewards, you help reduce the demand for electricity when it’s needed most and prevent potential brownouts and blackouts throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

If you're not home on weekday afternoons when adjustment events typically occur — or you can safely tolerate temperature adjustments up to 4 degrees above your thermostat setpoint — this program is likely a good choice for you. If you have a medical or health condition, are elderly, or have small children or pets at home, this program is not recommended.

See the chart below to compare the two programs. Note: If you are a PeakRewards customer and choose to enroll in Connected Rewards, you will no longer receive bill credits through the PeakRewards program, as these are two separate programs.

  PeakRewards Connected Rewards
Type of device A programmable thermostat or a switch on your outdoor air conditioning unit (installed by BGE) A smart thermostat that controls your central air conditioning (not installed by BGE)
What happens during adjustment events (periods of peak electric demand in the summer) BGE will cycle your air conditioning on and off for a period of time each hour, based on your participation level BGE will raise the temperature on your thermostat up to 4 degrees
What you receive in exchange for participating Bill credits from June through September A $50 Visa eGift card at enrollment and a $50 annual eGift card (per thermostat) each year you participate
Program period June through September May through October

If you enroll in Connected Rewards, you can still earn bill credits on designated Energy Savings Days by voluntarily reducing your electricity usage. Participation in Connected Rewards will not affect any bill credits you receive on Energy Savings Days.

Your participation makes a difference!

By participating in Connected Rewards, you are helping maintain reliable power throughout Central Maryland while keeping down the cost of electricity. Along with thousands of other BGE customers, you’re helping reduce peak energy usage and we appreciate your continued participation in the Connected Rewards program.

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